Saturday, September 22, 2012

Finally , I'm officially graduated as a Dentist !!!


 This date was one of my greatest date in my life , I officially graduated as a registered dentist from University of Science Malaysia (USM). 5 Years of hardwork was just to achieve the greatest moment at this date ! We all have gone through all the obstacles and finally we're here in our convocation !!! Share this greatest moment of mine with all of you ~

The Place where my convocation was held 
Dewan Tuanku Syed Putra, USM Penang

We reached at 7am 

The convocation book

Mum is helping me to wear the robes

Dad added in to help 

All looked so excited

with my brother , DR Tan Yue Ming

Photo before entering hall

With Brothers , DR Tan & DR Yeap

My sakai & sohai BFF - DR WONG

Family photo

Scene in Hall before the ceremony start

I received my transcript from Pro-Chancellor !!! Yeah

9th Batch of USM Doctors of Dental Surgery !!! We are the best !!!

Everyone is so happy !!!

Brother - DR Ho & DR Loong

My brothers Gangzzzz

Yeah !!! We're graduated !!!

My coursemates !!!

Prettiest Dentist in USM !!!

DR Chong 

Keep throwing the hat ~ 

group photo with DR Ling Ai Soon

Met my Matric frenz , Yong Han , who received the Master of Civil Engineering

Sohai ThengKoe !!! wakaka

My frenz since kindergarten !!! We were in the same place of study for kindergarten, Primary school, Secondary school and University !!!

My 1st year & 2nd Year Roommate & his gf, Mei Xuan

Lovely couple in my batch 

with DR Wong Chii Koh & DR Teh Yi Ying

with DR Tan & DR Tham

We are relatives !!! Soon ??!! hehe

Lovely girl !!! Gonna miss the day we were in the clinic , helping each others !!!

Family photo in front of the hall

Thanks everyone for the presents and thanks USM Dental School for educating me becoming a dentist !!!
I will do my best in my working and hopefully can be a specialist in few years time !!!
Miss all my friends !!! Hope you all the best in future undertaking and keep in touch !!!