Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Result Sheet

Back to home from Genting then I received the Result Sheet that sent by Kian Nie
This is my 1st year Result Sheet

Genting Highlands (19-21 /5/2008)

Genting Highlands - City of Entertainment
First World Hotel

Highlands Hotel

Having our Buffet Dinner at Resort Hotel

so full ...

Too much we eat !!!

Have a ride on Roller Coaster !!!

It's amazing !!!

Pirates' ship ...
we are here !!! Yeah !!!

Hehe ... It's so fun

what is Theng Koe looking there ???

Nice shot , Ai Soon !!!

Dizzy ... Turn and turn and turn ...

At Starbucks' Coffee Shop


OMG ... Don't crash !!!
It's not Bumper Car !!!

why Genting not cold at all ad ???!!!

come , have a nice shot here !!!

Theng Koe

Ai Soon

Chii Koh


Zyn Wann

Just wanna tell u all ... so fun hv a GREAT holiday together with u all at GENTING HIGHLANDS


Friday, May 16, 2008

1st Year Dental Family of USM - 2007/2008

USM's 1st Year Dental Family 2007/2008
Introducing our Dental members of University of Science Malaysia

We love each others !!! We are no.1 !!!

Group 6

From the back & left : Yi Ying , Thian Ngee , Yue Ming , Kian Nie , Khye Sien

Front row & left : Zue , Yen Yen , Yasmin


Kem Bina Negara @ Besut Damai Beach
Group 8

These are the recent photos I took while joining Kem Bina Negara

We went for Kembara

Can you imagine how is the Kembara ???

Those jurulatih woke us up at bout 3.45am

what to do ... have to follow also ...

From night walked till sky became light ...

In the dark dark .... We walked ...

Came to a beach ...

That's our 1st check point ...

Sky bacame lighter ...

And lighter ....

Finally .....

The arising of SUN

We reached the top of Hill !!!

What is this Picture means ?

This picture symbolizes the arising of a sun , that's mean the arising of a new Blogger !!!

That's me ...

Who am I ?

The person who know me will know...

But if u dunno who am I ?

nvm ...

Just FOLLOW me ...

U will have the ANSWER !!!