Thursday, December 16, 2010


Today I had GDP (General Dental Practice) session, which is a session that I can do any procedure on patient. I had called for my CFCS ( Community & Family Case Study )'s patient for this GDP session. Thinking of want to perform examination & diagnosis and as well at least complete the scaling and prophylaxis part for her. I had made the appointment with her since last week, yesterday she called me and re-confirm with me, I always think that this patient will be a good and nice patient for me. But what happened today ???

It was 1.45pm ... I prepared everythings and wait for her at registration counter. Until 2.15pm I couldn't see her. Suddenly my phone rang, it was her. She told me she was having traffic jam at town and would be late "a bit". I asked her what time she could able to come because I just made appointment with her. I don't have any other patients for today. My whole plan spoiled when she said may be 3.15pm could reach.

What can I do ??? I just able to tell her to come as fast as possible.

I kept waiting for her at counter, just a "siao kia". All nurses and doctors who passed by me asking me waiting for what. I just paid them a smile ( a fake smile ) saying I'm waiting for patient. Until 3pm I was sitting there.

A nurse asked me : "why your patient is so irresponsible and un-cooperated?"

WHAT TO DO ?????

My mood kept falling down and down and down while waiting for her appearance ~

3.20pm ~ I can't bear with this kind of waiting already. I called her. She answered the call and telling me she is about to reach the counter. At least she had reached dental clinic, then ok ...

I kept waiting for her for around 20 min more after the call. WTH !!! She told me she is about to reach the registration counter and now another 20 min I still couldn't see her appearance at clinic. I went out and searching around. Finally I saw her walking in.

She looked a bit paise and told me she was going to town to pay the electric bill. WTH again !!! You have already made appointment with me but you told me you were going to pay bill at this time ????

NVM ... My threshold to burst is still high ....

I brought her for registration and screening at KRK clinic. Then I brought her to my dental chair. Time showing it was 3.45pm. I faster performed examination on her head and neck region and as well intraoral examination. Dental charting done , plaque score done. I went and asked for case presentation for doctor who was in charged for my group.

What response I got ???


I beg Doctor for only case presentation. She insisted on asking me to discharge patient. What to do ~ I still have to follow Doctor's instruction.

At the end of session, I could only perform E&D without presenting to Doctor.

I really hope all my patient can know what and how is my effort to arrange appointment with them and try to treat them for every clinic session. But can you all please appreciate what I do and did for you all ? You know how much had you all save on the treatment which I provided for you all ? Please ~

I just hope you all can attend clinic on time and receive my treatment for you all.

Thanks for my patient who really co-operated and interest on the treatment I provided. Really thanks and I as well really enjoy treating you all.

But for those who has been unco-operated or late for treatment, if you are having any emergency, you can tell me and I will understand but please don't go and do other things during our time for dental appointment. If you tell me 1 day before about this, may be I can still arrange for another appointment with other patients but please don't simply waste my time for you all.


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Gracie said...

Chill.hahahaha. It is like that. Just bear with it. Patient got patient's rights. Doc got doc's right too. Just take it as a challenge. And congrat u got thru with it well. :D